Connect. Collaborate. Cooperate.

The Mission:

To Unite The Military Connected Ecosystem, Influence Local & State Legislation, and Create Economic Opportunities in Southern Nevada

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"Connecting the military community is all about bringing together like-minded individuals to find ways to continue

serving and supporting one another"

Monica Fullerton, Spouse-ly

What is it?

The Military Connected Summit is an opportunity for Active Military Programs, Veterans, military-connected families, and Veteran Service Organizations to showcase initiatives across Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

Attendees will hear about legislation efforts that affect the military-connected community in Nevada, as well as local program efforts and introductions of all Veteran Service Organizations in Attendance.

Organizations invited will have resources and programs with a focus in the areas of, but not limited to:



Employment Services

Mental & Physical Health

Veteran Advocacy

Who is it For?

Directors of Military Inclusion Programs

Executive Directors & Board Members - Veteran & Military Non-Profit Organizations

Base Commanders - Creech & Nells AFB

Members of Vegas Chamber - Military Affairs Committee

Military Program Managers

Veterans & Spouses

Veteran Business Owners

Military & Veteran Advocates

Legislators & Policy Makers

City & State Government

Economic Development Teams

All proceeds benefit Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

Schedule of Events:

8:00am Breakfast & Networking


-Posting of Colors

-Welcome - Introduction of Distinguished Guests

-Program Begins - Introductions

-1st round - Introduction organizations present

9:30 - Opening Remarks - ICVA & NDVS

10:00-10:30-Panel Discussion

10:40 -2nd Round Introductions of organizations present

11:00-11:30 -Panel Discussion

11:40 -Closing Remarks

12:00 Event ends

All proceeds benefit Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

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